Hello my lovelies

time seems to have run away. How are you keeping? I’ve been busy with various projects. I’ve not blogged properly as one of those projects was a gift for my lovely mom’s anniversary. She’s not on social media so I’ve been able to post updates. She does however read my blog from time to time so I couldn’t risk it.

I crocheted bunting. I used Attic24’s pattern (if you want a colorful, useful, friendly and happy blog to read, go check out Attic24. It’s just gorgeous) I used Stylecraft special dk yarn and loved every moment i was using it. i did 20 flags and the bunting was huuuuge. The result was totally worth all the hard work that went into it.

IMG_20150730_155110  IMG_20150911_171617  IMAG1083PhotoGrid_1447326800507 PhotoGrid_1446027512298

I must admit i had a lot of fun planning and making this for mum. She was really touched by it.

I was left with a fair bit of yarn tho so I’m now making a hot water bottle using a pattern by the lovely Gina Ross that you can download on ravelry.When im finished it will be up for sale so if you’re on instagram keep your eyes peeled, it will pop up soon.


Since my last post I’ve also tried out the ripple pattern from Attic24. I adore it. So simple yet so effective.

I’m finding myself having to make a list of my wips so i can keep track lol. I’m trying to have self-control. I keep wanting to buy lots of yarn and try lots of patterns all at the same time. Its soooooo hard.

My mom is learning to crochet. I’m so proud of her. She’s already a fantastic knitter. Its great to see her learn a new skill and I’m happy its crocheting she’s decided to learn.Yay lol.

So my lovelies, as the dark nights are drawing in you will find me under a blanket drooling over yarn, eyeing up patterns and trying out techniques. 🙂

So until the next time my lovelies




such busy-ness


Hello my lovelies,

I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. Actually it’s been more than a month since my last post. But I haven’t been idle my dears. I’ve been busy testing out new patterns but unfortunately until they’ve been gifted I’m unable to show you anything. 😦

I’ve bought a lovely crochet book. (I had to ‘fess up to hubby) It’s all so distracting. I keep seeing so many lovely patterns that I want to try that I just don’t know where to start. So I’ve sensibly made a list of all my WIPs and cross them off as I finish before I start anything else. lol.

Anyhow, how are you? How’ve you been? I hope you’ve been ok. I’m starting to dig out my autumn clothes. I must admit that autumn is my favorite season. I love the chill in the air, the crunchy leaves, conkers, boots, layers and scarves. I just don’t like rain. I also don’t like winter. Hopefully I will have a bright colourful yarn stash to keep the winter blues away.

On that thought I may hunt for some patterns for hats and scarves. if you see any let me know.

I’m going to give a shout out to my favourite craft shop: BEACON CRAFT in Sedgely. I could live there. I love it. I never know where to start looking first. I love the texture of the different yarns too. I totally recommend this craft shop.

Pascal’s settled in lovely. He’s loving in a different way to Dastan. He’s grown so much already. He keeps trying to chew my yarn. lol. I’ve already had to retrieve  a few soggy yarn ends from his mouth. its amazing what disappears into his mouth.

I’ve continued to network. But unfortunately with how busy this month has been I haven’t been doing as much networking as I would’ve liked. Oh well. Life’s full of ups and downs isn’t it?

Well my lovelies I’m going to love and leave you. have a good week and I’ll be back soon.



Blogging on a Friday evening


Hello my lovelies how are you? How have you been keeping.

Like the title says, I’m blogging on a Friday evening. I have our new baby asleep on my leg as I’m tapping this out and a film playing away. The hubby is out playing badminton and I’m enjoying the peace. lol. hows your summer shaping up to be? i must admit in my last post i was quite excited that it was finally shorts and sandal weather but its proving to be a bit of a washout.

How’s your last couple of weeks been? I must admit I’ve been incredibly busy. In between the hypos and a few other things I’ve been networking, networking, networking and yes you’ve guessed it! more networking. I’ve also been busy creating with the star stitch. I can’t show you the final product as it’s a gift for a dear friend. But i promise once she’s received it I’ll show you what I’ve been working


I’ve finished my blanket for Pascal in good time. I really enjoyed making it. I wasn’t as keen joining the squares as I was making them. That bit seemed to take the longest. I enjoyed making the border tho. Maybe it was the sense I’d nearly finished tho. I was a good girl and blocked it lovely. I must admit I’m rather proud of the blanket.

I’m in love with my little ginger bean, even if he climbs my curtains and tries to attack my crochet hooks. Its sooo lovely having a little fur-baby to love and cuddle and have sat by you. They love you unconditionally and never judge you. Pascal is such a character and creases us up. He adores my phone and thinks its his toy.So if there’s a weird typo on any of my posts, I’m apologizing in advance. It’s Pascals fault.

IMAG0871 IMAG0878  Here are a couple of pics to see his great cuteness lol.

I’m finding that as i crochet and network I’m coming into contact with all kinds of craftiness. I’ve discovered bookfolds. I put my hands up I had no idea what a book-fold was or is. I googled it. It’s where someone folds pages in a book to create an image. Isn’t that clever? I had to google it when i first came across it. lol. There are some very, very talented book-folders out there. And glass decorator people and shoe decorator people and card making people and knitters just to name a few. Hats off to each and every one of you with a craft up your sleeve.

Anyhow that’s enough Friday night musing. I’m off to sort out my hypo.

take care my lovelies.




What’s Happened Lately…..


Hello my Lovelies.

How are you? I can’t believe its starting to finally feel like summer.  YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Sorry tad over excited there. Lol

How’s your past couple of weeks been? For me the journey continues. Its been a rough road to travel. At times its felt almost impossible to travel,  but travel I have. To start with our beloved kitten Dastan died. He had a tumor develop in his lungs. I had noticed he’d started to breathe funny so had popped him along to vets. The vet thought he had asthma but gave him a steroid injection and some antibiotics as his temperature was up a bit.he told me to bring him back if he hadn’t improved. A week later he had started to breathe funny again. So i popped him along to vets again. This time for an x-ray. The tumor filled 98% of his lungs. The vet couldn’t even see his heart on the x-ray so he did a scan. his heart was trapped in the tumor. We were heart-broken. Our beautiful baby boy was suffocating and there was nothing we could do to help. So at 4 15 pm (approx) 12th June we said goodbye to our brave Dastan. I miss him so much.

IMG-20141208-WA0048 the day we bought Das home. (we thought he was a girl at first hence the pink blanket)

IMG-20141208-WA0084 he loved sleeping in funny positions. He pinched hubby’s poang and claimed it for his own. lol

IMG-20141208-WA0155He loved our bed. If I couldn’t find him this was where he would be. That or he’d locked himself in bathroom.

IMG-20150612-WA0005One of our final moments with Das. He was our world.

The pain is real. To all those who have lost their beloved pets, I now understand your pain. I feel you. Our home is so empty. We’ve got ourselves another beautiful baby. As and when I’ll keep you posted. So despite being ridiculously excited about our little bundle of fur I carry the pain of Dastan in my heart.

This time, however, has given me chance to finally tackle the solid granny square. I ADORE the solid granny square.So i’m making a lovely blanket in mint and brown (mocha perhaps?)

IMG_20150619_174020 IMG_20150622_112355

So if any of you lovely people want your own solid granny square blanket please contact me via Facebook, or instagram. Baby blankets are £35, pet blankets start from £30 and adult blankets start from £65.

I’ve also been busy networking and advertising. No orders yet but I still keep hopeful. I may look into selling at craft fairs. Hopefully i can get round to testing my two bears so i can get on with making those.

so like I said, its been quite a journey. I have much to do and look forward to. So until the next time my lovelies, keep yourselves well. Keep yourselves safe.

Much love





Hello My Lovelies,

how are you? The sun is finally here and shining. Yippee. I don’t know about you but it makes me feel better when I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Anyway I have good news…….. I’m officially all set up. YAY!!!!!!!!! You can now order some of my goodies my dears. You can order the beautiful baby afghan I’ve mentioned previously. Its £35 excluding p&p. You can order it in either white or cream with the colour of your choice. I’ll be using the stylecraft special dk yarn. If you’re after a particular colour you can look on the stylecraft website.

Also you can order a sweet little bookmark for the book enthusiast in your life. I use a lovely sparkly yarn and it gives it a special feel. Its £6.50 or 2 for £12.

I’ve finally started my top. It looks really nice. I’m proud of how its turning out. Do you have any hobbies that you really enjoy?

I remember my mom knitting when i was younger. She is a really good knitter. She taught me how to read patterns. I remember her picking out wool and sitting at night knitting away. She’s made various items ranging from baby blankets and bootees to a beautiful chunky blue jumper my late grandfather enjoyed wearing. I liked the concept of knitting but I was incredibly slooooow. I do find crochet much easier. I find it therapeutic. To create something intricate from a hook and a piece of yarn is a fascinating process. Just amazing.

Anyway that’s enough musing from me my lovelies. Take care and have a pleasant weekend



Ce Testing


Hello my dears.

I’m sitting here very early in the morning listening to the birds awaken. I had a hypo and i lost the urge to sleep. So I’m here tapping away. I’m slightly too sleepy to crochet tho. I thought I’d look at CE testing to do. I’ve done a phenomenal amount of googling and reading up on this.

Did you know that by law I have to register any soft toys I make I have to get CE registered. Just as a large toy maker has to ensure their toys are meeting the european safety standards, then so too, a small toy maker has to ensure their products meet the same standards. If I don’t and i get caught, I end up with a £5000 fine and 3 months in jail. So at the moment I’ve really hit a bit of a wall. Hopefully I can get this done soon.

I’m beginning to realise that unless you do sufficient research, you can get caught out by legal loopholes. I’m truly grateful to all who have helped answer my questions and been patient with me. When you want to do the right thing its hard when you have lots of questions and no answers so when someone takes the time to answer, I’m most appreciative.

Anyway hopefully its only little this week as I couldn’t wait to post about my findings. lol Have a good week.




What a Week


Hello my dears

I hope you’re ok. I can’t believe its been 3 weeks since my last post. Where does the time go? Have you been up to much? I’ve finished a very sweet little bear. I’ve named her Cherry Brandy on account of her little red dress. I was so proud of myself as i successfully adapted a pattern to make it my very own. As much as I love my little minty bear I knew I needed a little girly bear for my crochet collection.


I’m also catching up on my 2015 blanket. I’ve finished April and now I’m working on May. I’m slowly catching up. I’m also hoping to start my very first jumper. Will keep you posted on that. Also I’m hoping to start a granny square patch blanket. Once I’ve started I’ll keep you posted on that too. Hopefully if it’s any good It will be available to order.

I’ve also discovered how easy it is to make flowers. I love these flowers as they are so so easy to make. I have so many projects starting up I need a fortnight to just crochet.

. IMAG0671_1

On a slightly different note as a diabetic I’ve had quite a fortnight. I’ve been taking injections for nearly 24 years. As of last Wednesday I started pump therapy. Its like having a little drip attached that infuses me with insulin. That’s the best way I can describe it. For the first time I feel normal. However a week later I hadn’t realised it had detatched. Long story short I ended up in hospital on a drip. So I did a bit of crocheting as I couldn’t sleep. Nothing like a sleepless night to make flowers and granny squares. 🙂

I’m almost done with setting up paypal so many, many thanks for your patience. I’m sorry its took such an age.

I really hope you have a good week ahead. Speak soon